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Sour Candy & Mantle - CNF
How To Turn Your Dreams Into Profit - Micro (Pushcart Nominated)
Threads - Poetry
Christmas Lights - Poetry
Syllables - Poetry
Demons & Delirium - CNF
Apology - Poetry
Everything Is Fine. I’m Just Yearning Theatrically - Poetry
A Train Tour Through Texas - Short Fiction (TW)
Ice - Poetry
The First Person to Try and Count to Infinity - Poetry
The Cabin By The Water - Poetry
Love In The Key Of Lute - Poetry
Never Say Neverland - Poetry
Serendipity - Paragraph Planet
Disorganised Attachment - Poetry
And They Say Sanitary Products Are Non-Essential: A Trip Down Memory Lane - CNF
Movie Night - CNF
Borderline: A Snapshot - Poetry
Humility - Paragraph Planet
Jewel - Poetry
Barbie Shows Her Workings in the Margin: But Still Scores Zero - CNF
Gold - Poetry